Chef Craig’s Featured Dish

Every country in the world has some type of comfort food and our job is to take those dishes and turn them into something unique and approachable for our guests here at EVOQ.

Comfort food done light

The featured dish is one of our most popular dishes here at Evoq. The Blackened Grouper with Pencil Cobb Grits Rock Shrimp and Heirloom Tomato Ragout. To me this a great Southern dish. Blackened grouper from the gulf, Anson Mills grits from South Carolina, and baby heirloom tomatoes from here in Florida. The pencil cobb grit is made from a variety of corn called “pencil cobb” corn because of its narrow pencil like shape. It’s a sweeter flavored corn and has a nice yellow color. The blackening spice we use is Chef Paul Prudhommes recipe. He is the inventor of the blackening technique. In the kitchen, we call it “fat man” spice.

Comfort Food, Done Light

Evōq is more than just a restaurant – it is a gathering place where guests and Sarasota locals come to connect, relax, & socialize.

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